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Nextcloud has undergone major improvements. The recent updates rival Microsoft 365 and Google Drive. It offers documentation editing in collaboration with others, video calling, chatting, and control of file versions.

Start Using Nextcloud Today

You can start using Nextcloud by using Linux to set up a server. Another alternative is to run a container image.

Installation is quick. Login credentials are required. Once the login credentials have been entered, Nextcloud automatically begins downloading its applications. Its controls are found in the right corner, on the top of the page. Controls are for additional apps, user modification, help, settings, and logging out.

Nextcloud allows users to collaborate in a central platform in files, disabling and enabling applications, managing the calendar, as well as other settings.

The definite bonus to Nextcloud is that it can have more than hundreds of applications downloaded, added, and opened on it. Check for the license of the applications. If they are under AGPLV3, it can be added to Nextcloud.

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