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Ansible has proven itself the best in automation. Kubernetes is in the running for the best tool for container orchestration. A combination of the two programs allows you to automate your container in Kubernetes using Ansible modules.

Access Modules Using Kubernetes

Before you can access Kubernetes modules using Ansible, you must access a Kubernetes cluster. This is the simplest option. However, if it is not possible for you to do that, start a trial online. Trial accounts are only temporary.

Another alternative is installing Minikube, a local, single-node installation of Kubernetes. It allows you to interact and configure as you would with a full cluster. Python modules come in handy for all Kubernetes-related modules made by Ansible.

Using Modules with Cloud

As you deploy and develop with Kubernetes cloud software, find tasks you want to automate and track. The podman_image and k8s are examples of modules that are used with the cloud.

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