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As technology evolves through time, gadgets are becoming smaller and smarter – a concept that also applies to vaping. Bargain E-Juice says that evolution has resulted in modern e-cigarettes entering the multi-billion market.

Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, invented the modern e-cigarette in 2003. It has since then become a technologically-challenging and increasing thriving business. Many companies consistently release the latest products related to vape devices to appease the market’s demands.

Many tobacco companies who have added vape items into their product lines capitalize on the technological range they can utilize to develop and promote what they’ve got.

Here are some of the technological expansion tobacco companies use in manufacturing, designing, and promoting their vape products:

  • Bluetooth geofencing – aims to dissuade minors from using vape
  • Miniature printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • Touchscreen features

All these advanced features aim to accommodate the demands of the smart vaping generation. At the same time, manufacturers monitor the other changes that the next generation of e-cigarette users may lean on.

Continuing Development

This evolution of e-cigarette technology can be categorized into three generations:

  1. Hon Lik’s invention of e-cigarettes that looked similar to a real cigarette in 2003. The devices included batteries that did not last long, clearomizers, and limited options for flavor. Despite attracting some patrons, this generation of e-cigarettes was not able to penetrate the market that well.
  2. The second generation of evolution reached a global scale, a big achievement compared to its predecessor. Vape distributors and stores, both physical and online shops, started sprouting almost everywhere. Many innovations were also introduced, including the wide-range of choices of e-liquid flavors, removable batteries, pen vape kits, and other personalized features that give each user a unique experience.
  3. The present is the third generation, and it has focused on customization depending on the vaper’s preferences. This paved the way for larger mods, pod kits, rebuildable atomizers, temperature control, safety protections, and other advanced features. All the innovation leads to a longer lifespan of the vape and a higher level of enjoyment for its users. These reasons were the top factors why the third generation of e-cigarettes is referred to as the smart vaping generation.

More to Come

As the popularity of vape continues to rise, experts predict that more technological advancements will happen in the near future, such as the inclusion of vape devices in smartphones.

The most astounding development to date comes from the most notorious manufacturer in the industry, JUUL. It released the C1, which is a Bluetooth-enabled pod kit. It has geofencing technology, which prevents its users from activating the kit with public areas and school zones. It also requires unlocking that can only be done through user authentication. This is the company’s answer to the bad press that vape moguls from San Francisco got for seemingly encouraging teenagers to use the device.

The future looks bright and advanced in the e-cigarette industry. It is a good thing that manufacturers have begun developing products to satisfy their market and encourage responsible use of vape devices.

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