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Accountants created accounting software that works well with open-source software. It is called GoDBLedger. It addresses issues that have disturbed other solutions for accounting software and increase productivity drastically.

The industry of software development and accounting has definite parallels. Imagine that the accountant’s ledger is a codebase and that it is the job of the accountant to edit and navigate the ledger before ensuring that it is compiled into reports that a user can consume, understand, and work with.

It is the same way Linux enterprise’s codebase is developed, maintained, and released to users.

Why is accounting software so difficult to use?

Despite the similarities between the industries, accounting software is faced with many difficulties.  This is primarily because developers of accounting software in the past have focused on profit instead of ease of use, leading to various inefficiencies.

This open-source software made accounting seamless for accountants, and it provides the easy transition from accounting done manually to computerized and more easily facilitated accounting.

Get Started with GoDBLedger Now

Create a server with a database for all your transactions. It is best to make it a central server that stores and receives transactions and also communicates financial data to other systems.

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