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Raspberry Pi system for device operations is a superb system that is particularly helpful for newbies. It has all that anyone could desire in an OS. More experienced OS users may desire an OS with fewer options available. The lighter version is known as Lite Raspberry Pi.

The Lite Raspberry Pi

The Lite Raspberry Pi contains the minimalistic, core version of the original. It can be downloaded easily on the company’s website. The Lite can be used to satisfactorily run services and scripts.

X Windows and Raspberry Pi

Windows is a good system that is compatible with Raspberry Pi connections to graphical user interfaces. X Windows contains the basic features of Windows: it lets the user use windows with a keyboard and a mouse.

Some users are satisfied with the X Windows’ minimalistic package, but most find it too bare.  You may to also choose to install Xfce, KDE, or GNOME, which are the more recent applications for your desktop environment.

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